There are so many great reasons to buy your flowers from a local grower!

  • Locally grown offers a freshness you just can’t get any other way. These flowers literally go straight from our fields into your hands. This means you get to enjoy them longer as they have not lived half of their cut life in transit. If there is a certain flower we want to use but don't grow ourselves, we will source from local growers.
  • Nearly 80% of flowers have been imported to get to you, so not only are you losing some of their life span as mentioned above, but flying flowers across the globe is adding to unnecessary emissions. Buying local means you are supporting biodiversity in your town and contributing to building a healthy environment by supporting crucial pollinators.
  • Certain flower varieties just cant survive the travel so you will be exposed to flowers that you just cant get any other way. Believe me, once you get your first handful of the most delightful sweet peas and breath in, you’ll be on board with this one!
  • As an avid flower lover, I seek out unusual and unique seeds to grow and you get to benefit from that by enjoying all of the specialty blooms!
  • You love where you live and your community so why wouldn't you make sure all of the wonderful little pieces stay alive and healthy. Your support keeps us doing what we do!